The Concorde Experience

August 26, 2018 Games

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                                                               OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

The Concorde Experience Description From the Developer:

The Concorde Experience: This package will add a British Airways liveried Concorde (G-BOAC) to your Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Package includes a very accurate flight model, a visual model with animated moving parts (landing gear and nose section), a realistic instrument panel and a fully functioning Inertial Navigation System.

For Flight Simulator 98 scenery for Bahrain International Airport will also be added. This airport was not included in the standard Flight Simulator 98 scenery and one of the preset routes on the Inertial Navigation System re-creates Concorde’s inaugural flight from London to Bahrain.

The instrument panel for The Concorde Experience is an almost exact copy of the panel in the real aircraft and provides a much more realistic experience than the default Concorde.

The flight model for The Concorde Experience is very accurate and is flown using exactly the same speeds and procedures as those used on the real aircraft.

The Concorde Experience includes a fully functioning inertial navigation system which enables you to navigate in the same way that the real aircraft does. (Real Concorde pilots don’t use GPS!)

The Concorde Experience includes comprehensive documentation on flying Concorde to enable you to fly using exactly the same procedures as a real Concorde pilot.

The Concorde Experience does not remove or overwrite the default Concorde which you will still be able to use, although we are sure that after flying The Concorde Experience you will not want to go back to flying the default version!

A demonstration version of The Concorde Experience is available for download. The demonstration version is fully functioning but includes a splash screen and is limited to 30 minutes use per session. Please try the demonstration version before registering to determine if this software meets your requirments.

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