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August 26, 2018 mp3 & audio

                                           Version: 3.5                                                                        Rating: 5

                                                                 File Size: 376 KB                                                               Price: $ 14.95

                                                                Downloads: 5123                                                              Developer: AKoff Sound Labs

                                                                OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

Midi2Wav Recorder Description From the Developer:

Midi2Wav Recorder converts MIDI files to Wave files. You can record to Wave MIDI playback only or mix it with Microphone input. Midi2Wav self-adjusts sound card mixer. Midi2Wav is also a full-feature MIDI and Wave player.

What is Midi2Wav Recorder and How It Works?

  • Converting features:
  • Midi2Wav provides the synch starting of MIDI playback and Wave recording
  • Midi2Wav self-adjusts your sound card mixer settings and then restores the original settings
  • You can choose as sound source MIDI playback only or mix it with microphone input.
  • Midi2Wav offers the possibility to select MIDI-Out and Wave-In devices. This feature may be very useful if your default MIDI-Out and Wave-In devices are conflicting
  • Midi2Wav offers the visual representation of waveform and signal volume, statistics evaluations of average and max volumes, clipping warnings
  • Midi2Wav provides the possibility to maximize the dynamic range of recording by adjusting record level and MIDI playback volume.

Midi2Wav Recorder is also a full-featured MIDI & Wave Player

  • Playback features:
  • Midi2Wav allows to play MIDI files of any formats (and RMI too) and PCM Wave files
  • MIDI and Wave players provide a positioning of playback
  • Midi2Wav offers the possibility to select MIDI-Out and Wave-Out devices
  • Wave player provides visual representation and statistics evaluations of audio signal. This feature may be useful for comparing volume levels of existing files.

For MIDI file playback you can use MIDI Tracks Viewer

  • MIDI Tracks Viewer features*:
  • Muting and soloing MIDI tracks
  • Change an instrument of track
  • Change a track volume and pan
  • Change a track name
    * Tracks Viewer works only with MIDI files written in multitrack format #1 (MIDI 1).
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