August 26, 2018 Web Developer

                                   Version: 5                                              Rating: 5

File Size: 344 KB                                  Price: $ 20

Downloads: 607                                  Developer: Essence Associates Ltd.

OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

foldertree Description From the Developer:

foldertree is Javascript utility for displaying tree and cascading menus. It is distinguished by the range of browsers supported (version 3 and upwards of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, plus Opera), performance (it can handle trees with many thousands of nodes), and a multitude of user interface style options. Most importantly, it is fully supported by dedicated experts. It has been used in complex situations, and has been linked to CGI scripts and databases. It comes with an extensive set of examples.

foldertree Features:

  • Supported by experts in established company, with full rights over the product;
  • Used by leading software companies;
  • No limit to number of levels;
  • Works with wide range of browsers, including Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera;
  • Works with or without frames;
  • Tree structured display of structure, similar to Windows Explorer;
  • Cascading menus on mouseovers, similar to Windows start menu;
  • Flexible icons;
  • Mouseover effects;
  • Ability to highlight selected node;
  • Optimises network traffic;
  • Dynamic swapping of trees;
  • Performs with tens of thousands of nodes;
  • Over twenty different examples;
  • Example showing browsing of server directories and files;
  • Example showing linking to database;
  • Support for check boxes and radio buttons on specific nodes, with specified initial state;
  • Ability to specify initial open state of nodes
  • Right-to-left trees, for right-to-left languages
  • Error reporting form
  • Optimal behaviour for Netscape 4 window resizing
  • Correct behaviour for ‘back’ buttons.
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