New Casino Software – How to Bet in Three Ways Craps in Casino Online?

Craps in one of the complicated games in gambling online site you need to know and -another popular version of it is the Three-Way Craps. Craps can be said as the complicated game in casino because there are so many betting options on the board and you have to place your bet on the right side if you want to get the winning money offered by agen casino. This is something difficult to know for beginners if they don’t learn what is the best software of casino. You can’t just think this game is the chance game you can win by luck. Well, it is true that Craps has relation to luck but if you can’t choose the right side, it is impossible to win the game at its best.

What is Three Ways Bet in Casino Online?

Craps is the exciting game you can play if you know the way. All land-based casinos including the casino online sites offer this game because it is unique, different and challenging. This game can offer the best pay table for you through the right action. If you want to win this game, you can choose the betting version of Three ways Craps. Just like the name, this is when you combine 3 different bets into one final bet. This game provides the players with the great chance to bet 3 numbers at the same time.

This bet will cover certain numbers such as 2, 3 and also 12 on this table. This is the unique bet and it is the same to other bets which are placed in the game as it is the one roll bet. What makes this bet unique is the offered odds and also payouts which can be collected. The bet can achieve the win when those three specific numbers have been rolled from 2, 3 and 12. Just like other bets, you will lose the game if other numbers come out on the board. This is quite hard to make 3 numbers out.

It means, if one number doesn’t appear on the board, you will lose the game right away. When you play with $1 as the minimum amount to bet, then you need to place $3 to cover the 3 numbers you choose in Three ways Craps. The players can also choose to bet more if they are confident to win the game but you need to place the same betting amount for three numbers. So, if you place around $5 per number, it means you need to place $15 for all. If you lose, you can lose those bets right away.

The Odds of Three Ways Craps in Casino Online

In Three Ways bet, you have to choose those numbers and you are not allowed to choose other numbers beside 2, 3 and 12. If you throw one bet, the odds of the game are not so high for you to enjoy. You need to know about the decent house edge in the bet bit the higher odds will come with the higher payouts too. If the players bets on the numbers and 2 is rolled out; you might get around 30:1 of the payout. However, if you bet on 3 and 12, you might lose the game. You can do the same as other bets.

If you place on 12 and that number comes out on the board, you can win the same payout of 30:1. However, when 2 and 3 come out, you will lose the bet. However, if you bet on 3 and that number is rolled out on the board, then you only get half of the payout which is 15:1. The reason why this kind of bet only offers the lower payout on 3 is because there are twice as many opportunities to win than other numbers you play in this game. This game is special and certain numbers might be special too.

The odds and payout are exactly the same if the player bets separately. The fact is, the bet is known as the bundles bet and it will not change the odds or even the payouts. It will place the bets on the 3 numbers at the same time instead of in separate game individually. However, don’t think too much on Craps because you can’t control or handle the outcome. Sometimes, you need to place the bet according to your instinct. You don’t need to think hard because this is not the 100% of strategy.

This game is unique and you need to think carefully when you choose the betting side. If you think Three Ways Craps is hard to win, then you can stick to the basic standard of betting in this game. You can choose Don’t Pass Line and Pass Line as the safest choices in agen casino online if you don’t want to lose much money.