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OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

miniPCTV Description From the Developer:

miniPCTV is a TV viewer and Video encoder. Use it to watch TV or record videos on your PC. miniPCTV works with any windows video capture device including video capture cards, TV tuners, web cams and digital cameras.

With miniPCTV, you can:

  • watch TV or Video from any live source on your PC.
  • Capture live video from your VCR, TV, DVD, WEB CAM or any other source.
  • Grab single frames and save them as image files or paste them into documents.
  • Have full control on video playback frame size and positioning so that it does not interfere with your other applications.
  • Create highly compressed video files using DivX and many other popular codecs.

miniPCTV makes it possible to:

  • Watch TV while surfing the web or working on a spreadsheet.
  • Preserve family vacation tapes by transferring them from VHS to video CD or DVD.
  • Create paper prints from video screen shots.
  • Email video clips and screen shots to friends and family.
  • Perform video surveillance and monitoring.
  • Create video presentations for your project or web site.

miniPCTV Features:

  • Real-time video capture: Instant single frame capture.
  • Supports multiple compression codecs, including DivX.
  • Uses hardware overlay freeing your CPU 100%.
  • Full-screen or resizable viewing modes.
  • User defined z-order: Always on top or background mode.
  • Supports any video device with approriate windows drivers installed.
  • Compact program, starts fast and does not waste limited system resources.
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