August 25, 2018 mp3 & audio


                                              Version: 2.21                                                                    Rating: 5

[ View Screenshots ]                                   File Size: 670 KB                                                            Price: $ 34.95

                                                                    Downloads: 7836                                                          Developer: IgD Software

                                                                    OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

FireBurner Description From the Developer:

FireBurner (FB) is a compact yet full-featured CD-R/W burning software package that allows users to easily burn custom data, audio or mixed mode CD’s. It has an quite easy-to-use interface yet boasts very professional features and extremely stable execution experience.

FireBurner supports nearly all CD formats and communicates your CD R/W devices in a very professional way. We’ve to acknowledge that IgD has provided an excellent solution for CD burner, although it is not perfect.

FireBurner features:

  • Optimized for high speed burning
  • Simple to use
  • Extremely stable and efficient burning core
  • Burn data, audio and mixed mode CD’s
  • Create audio CD’s from MP3’s with on the fly decoding! No need to convert MP3’s to WAV’s prior to burning
  • Burns Cue/Bin disc image files
  • Burns ISO, WAV, and raw PCM audio track image files
  • Famous BINChunker functions allows extraction of tracks from Bin/Cue disc images
  • Scan disc and track image files for corruption via speed optimized ECC/EDC error checking
  • Records via Disk-at-Once 96 (DAO96), Session-at-Once (SAO), Disk-at-Once 16 (DAO16) or Track-at-Once (TAO)
  • Supports BURN Proof
  • Intelligent code that communicates with your IDE or SCSI recording devices via any ASPI interface without the need for bulky drive databases
  • Lists detailed information about the status and capabilities of your device
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