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                                       Version: 3.3                                                                       Rating: 5

                                                              File Size: 1,091 KB                                                           Price: $ 29.95

                                                              Downloads: 5428                                                            Developer: FailSafe Technologies, Inc

                                                              OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

Guard-IE Description From the Developer:

Guard IE is a complete privacy tool and web content filter for Internet Explorer. It includes a cookie manager with detailed cookie view and a popup killer that eliminates browser pop-up windows.

In addition, Guard-IE wipes browser/URL histories and temp files and also finds hidden web bugs in web pages. The program also comes with a handy feature that keeps track of popup windows that have been prevented, allowing users to retroactively open any of them by selecting them from a pull down menu.

All functions are accessible via a small, easy-to-use toolbar that incorporates into Internet Explorer and also displays the number of current cookies on your machine.

Guard IE Features:

  • Ad Blocker/ Popup Killer, blocks 100% popups and popunders!
  • Web Evidence Remover , Removes all trace of your Web activity.
  • Script Blocker,Prevents script-driven ads & the hijacking of your browser.
  • Web Firewall, Protects against Web-born viruses and others.
  • Integrates Directly into Internet Explorer.
  • Uncover Hidden Web Bugs and Secret Data.
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