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August 26, 2018 Home & Education

                    Version: 1.37                                                Rating: 5

File Size: 1,703 KB                                      Price: $ 20

Downloads: 1080                                       Developer: Idyle Software

OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

Agenda 98 Description From the Developer:

Agenda 98: The complete all-in-one solution for your daily schedules and reminders. Let Agenda 98 organize your tasks, projects, alarms, appointments and much more! It’s like having a virtual secretary making sure you are on time to complete your tasks and appointments. It can even e-mail, print or preview reminders at your will. Stick notes on the desktop to remind you things you could forget easily.

Agenda 98 Main Features:

  • Agenda 98 Home will give you all alarms, appointments scheduled for today; plus all notes entered today; plus all tasks due today or that will be due soon and on which you have to start working or you will be late
  • Tasks and Projects will allow you to enter tasks or projects. Each task can have one or more sub-tasks. A task is defined by its name, importance, due date and time, description, who’s in charge, the department that shall accomplish it, as well as an estimated time to complete the task and its current completion percentage. An alarm can be set for the task, so you are notified when the project is due. You can add, edit, delete, e- mail, print and preview tasks
  • Alarms will allow you to schedule alarms. An alarm is defined by its name, message, its type (once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and the actions to take when it is due. Actions can be any combination of the following : window popup, sound (wav or midi), send e-mail (with possible attachment), or launch application. Alarms can be easily enabled/disabled with a mouse-click on the main interface
  • Appointments will let you schedule your days. Each appointment is defined by its name, with who, where, estimated length, a note, its schedule. You can automatically add an alarm that will warn you 10 minutes (or any other time in fact) before the appointment. You won’t be late again!
  • Notes and memos so you don’t forget these little things, and please… Stop using Notepad! 🙂 A note has a name and contents. Agenda 98 also tells you the date it was created, last modified and last read. Notes can be dragged and dropped on your desktop for future reference
  • Calendar is similar to Home, but will let you check how busy a day will be. Your boss calls in, asks if you’re free on April 30th. Just go in calendar, select April 30th, 1998 and see what’s scheduled for that day
  • News lets you read your morning news, right from your computer. An integrated web browser lets you surf on some popular news sites. Sites can be added, edited, and deleted at your will. This feature requires Internet Explorer v4.x is installed on your computer
  • Great user interface : visually attractive, and extremely easy to use
  • Printing with Preview : you can preview and print tasks, appointments, notes
  • Send E-Mail : E-Mail is fast, very fast. And you can check it wherever there is a computer. When a task, alarm or appointment has an Send E-Mail action, you can send yourself, or any other person(s) an e-mail that will remind you of your schedule. Further more, each task, appointment, or note can be individually e-mailed to your superior, employees or friends
  • Many pre-packaged WAVE (digital) sounds and MIDI (music) sounds. Thanks to David Rubenstein, the original composer for the MIDI files
  • Help : comes with a complete and detailed help file, tip of day and a configuration wizard
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