GJ aMAZEing Pacman

August 26, 2018 Games

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                                                                   Downloads: 4877                                                           Developer: GJ Games

                                                                   OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

GJ aMAZEing Pacman Description From the Developer:

GJ aMAZEing Pacman is a clone of the classic arcade game Pacman.

There are five levels for you to enjoy on the demo. Use the keyboard or joystick to move Pacman around. Eat the fruit,icecream and other bonuses as you go but watch out for the ghosts.

THE FULL GAME has much more. POWERUPS including a GUN,SHIELD,KEYS,FREEZE and BONUS LEVELS to boost your high score.

HIGH SCORE TABLE with “RESET”button and passwords to take you to later levels.

52 DIFFERENT LEVELS To chomp your way through.

There are 4 CHRISTMAS LEVELS just for fun, for you to enjoy. These are separate and will not interfere with the main game.

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