Repair Management System

August 26, 2018 Bussiness & Finance

                  Version: 2                                                              Rating: 5

File Size: 3,579 KB                                              Price: $ 155

Downloads: 1329                                                Developer: Microclinic Limited

OS: Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2003

Repair Management System Description From the Developer:

Repair Management System is specialised software designed for the repair/servicing industry who requires software to keep track of in-house repairs and customer accounts.

Repair Management System Main Features:

  • Stock Control: Keep track of your company stock, sell items of stock and print a stock count for end of year accounts.
  • Word Processor: Type your letters direct from the software, no need to have expensive word processors when you have this.
  • Outstanding Repairs Report: Keep your customers constantly informed of the status of their repairs. This feature prints a detailed report of all repairs outstanding for a selected customer.
  • Faults Database: Store all those common faults and remedies.
  • Invoice/Crediting: Invoice and Credit direct from the software with automatic generated invoice references.
  • Automatic Repair History Search: When a repair is entered into the software, a automatic search is performed to see if it has been in for repair before. A report is printed for your engineer detailing what was done previously.
  • Support for Service Calls: Support is provided for service calls or other miscellaneous appointments.
  • Built in Address Book: Store your suppliers, clients, sub- contractors and engineers in the built in address book.
  • Purchase Orders: Raise purchase orders direct from the software.
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